The only time I eat diet food is while waiting for my steak to cook.


J.R. Food Consultants offers expertise in all areas of food processing and food service. From staff training and product development to quality assurance and crisis management, J.R Food Consultants has been your food authority since 1990.

Nutritional Evaluation

Today, the nutrient and allergen content of food is often at the forefront of each consumer’s mind, playing a significant role in food choices. Low calorie and low fat foods, in particular, are in high demand. Any food establishment that can meet these needs with authority and authenticity will be at a definite advantage, attracting more and more customers.

J.R. Food Consultants can evaluate your products and menus for their nutritional (and allergen) content, advise you on positive and innovative changes that could be implemented plus develop your product labels to meet government requirements.

J.R. Food Consultants can also formulate Dietary Meal packages that will meet the nutritional needs and requirements of that special customer - who for health or medical reasons may be confined to a strict dietary regime.